Learn how to sing, play harmonium and lead Kirtans confidently in no time!

"Learning with Premanjali was so much fun and very informative! Would definitely sign up again!"

Emma Louise

Vocal Training

Learn different vocal techniques and practices to warm up, care for and strengthen your voice.

Harmonium Practice

Get ready to explore new melodies on the harmonium while learning to sing and play together!

Kirtan Theory

Dive deeper into the meaning and purpose behind kirtan, while also learning how to tune, care for and select your instruments properly!

Hi, I’m Premanjali!

I am from Australia, but have been travelling all around the world for the past few years participating in various global kirtan events and now I live in NYC! Kirtan has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine life without it!

It brings me so much joy to share this experience with others, which is why I have started Learn Kirtan. I really strive to help my students get the confidence and skills needed to unlock their voice and inner kirtan potential and to start leading kirtans in no time!

Get a better idea of what class is like!

Learn.Kirtan is on Youtube! Woo hoo!